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Date | 2003
Mp3  Collection|

 one of Illayaraja's all time greatest albums, Sindu Bhairavi. Nice melodies with great lyrics. This album has been everyone's favorite since the time  it came out [1985]. Songs sung by Yesudas and Chitra. .

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Date | 2003
Gana 2002 |

Hey all, No Limitz Soulja Dj Kumar's Gana 2002 is now available. You can currently stream the songs, mp3 download will be available within a week. Check out the mixes and if you like it buy the original album. Click To play Mix(Real Player Required)

Date | 2003
Songs Selections |

Click here to listen to songs selected from Raaga selection. Nice songs from the latest movies. Click Here to stream songs [Real Player Required]

Date | 2003
Mp3 Collection |

Hey, Mp3 From the movie Indian staring Kamalhasan is now available...

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Date | 2003
Mp3 Collection |

"Friendship a bond thicker than blood". Friends  mp3 album uploaded. Movie staring Vijay Surya and Devayani. Each track has a special introduction Illaya Thalapathy Vijay. Music by Illayaraja.

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Date | 2003
Web Sites | Posted By

Hey everyone, Check this site out,

Date | 2003
Popularity | Posted By

Hey everyone, check out this list of top 5 popular people. Bush made his way to the top not only in politics but also in the popularity list. [Survey done in November 2002]

1)Tom Cruise

2)The Rock

3)George W. Bush

4)Allen Iverson

5)Ben Affleck

Date |2003
Bill Gates |

"In this business, by the time you realize you're in trouble, it's too late to save yourself. Unless you're running scared all the time, you're gone."
-Bill Gates


Date | Tuesday, December 3, 2002
Music Lovers Beware |  By Becky Worley, Tech Tv
Microsoft has issued its 72nd security alert of the year. This time it's targeting music lovers who use Windows XP. Find out how to patch the latest Microsoft bug, tonight on "Tech Live."

According to the statement on Microsoft's website, a buffer overrun in the windows shell of Windows XP could let an attacker place malicious code in the attribute information of a WMA or MP3 music file.

No need to click

The vulnerability lies not in the playing of the file but in the way the Windows shell (an OS-level housekeeping tool) evaluates data affiliated with a music file. A victim need only hover his or her mouse over a malicious WMA or MP3 file to contract any hidden, malicious code.

The information the shell extracts to identify the file could contain code that allows the attacker into the victim's machine.

Once the attacker gains entry, he or she could take control of the victim's computer. However, the attacker wouldn't be able to gain privileges outside the victim's existing XP profile. For example, the computer of a regular user on a corporate network that's attacked couldn't suddenly behave at the administrator level.


Patch now

Microsoft rates this advisory as "critical," though no worms or viruses are known to exploit the hole at present. This vulnerability effects only users of Windows XP.

There are two patches for this hole. If you're unsure which version of Windows XP you're running, point your browser to the Windows Update webpage. There you can diagnose your version, patch it appropriately, and patch any other known holes in your operating system.


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